Alpha Day

Video Game

Alpha day is a 3d experience,
a video game under development in a big surrealistic world.
Explore, chill, meditate, listen to very good music,
resolve puzzles, exit mazes, find easter eggs, take picture,
and try to understand what the fuck you are doing here.
Also, be careful : it is a deep mind game with karma variables, dialogues, choices and consequences.

More information soon to come.

to be released in Automn 2022

official site


2020 – Digital Fashion Design

A Fashion Collection of 3D Clothes made for, one of the first Digital Fashion Store.
I used my « Nebula » drawings as pattern, and did my best to design something magic, cool, sexy and primitive.
The collection is still growing. And more will come.

official page

Nexus Gallery


2022 – Art Gallery

Nexus Gallery wants to be the future of Art Gallery.
In Metaverse, and In Real Life.
The artworks will be available to purchase as,
Original artwork, signed print, and NFT.

Stay tuned !

official page

ContinuumDeCom – Virtual Office – 2021

ASVOFF – Diane Pernet’s Fashion Film Festival – 2021

DMGP Observatory – 3D Art Gallery – 2018